Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Case of the Bitter Avocado

A couple of days ago, my dad brought home avocados. We love slicing them up and mixing them with powdered milk and sugar for an easy dessert. 

This time, I decided I would take it a bit further and figured I would make Avocado Ice Cream. I had frozen leftover yolks and figured this would be the perfect time to use them. I made an ice cream base with cream, milk, sugar and yolks and added to that the slightly mashed avocados. I cooked everything on top of a double boiler.

After cooking the mixture and letting it cool to room temperature, I placed it in the fridge. After a few hours, it was starting to harden, and being without an ice cream machine, I had to churn it with a hand mixer. When the ice cream had set, it was finally time to enjoy it.

I took a spoonful into my mouth. At first, the lovely flavor of the avocado and the sweetness came through. Then to my horror, I tasted bitterness! And it wasn't subtle at all! It lingers in your mouth long after you've consumed it. I was at a loss as to what could've caused the bitterness. I was sure the avocados were ripe!

I went online and later found out that one is not supposed to cook an avocado as it will turn bitter, and from that point, nothing else can be done about it. I wish I had known that beforehand. Well, they say experience is a great teacher. Indeed.

Despite the bitter aftertaste, my dad was willing to brave it because he still thought it tasted good. Thanks Dad! I promise to make you better ice cream next time.

Happy cooking, just don't do it to your avocados!


  1. Thanks for the tip. Although i had my misfortune with bitter avocados too when i tried to make a smoothie out of it. Mine was because of unripe avocados. As you said, experience is agreat teacher, that's very true. I must wait for the avocados to ripen before making it an avocado-basil smoothie. Thanks!

  2. We also made some avocado shake before and I figured out that if you scoop the most bottom part of the avocado, the ones that is dark green than the rest, it would make the shake bitter. So I advice next time, dont scoop it all. :)